Welcome to multi-bank solutions designed to provide Australians across the community with sustainable access to banking services.

About us

Precinct was founded in 2021. Our mission is to provide Australians across the community with sustainable access to banking solutions, regardless of who they bank with. There is ongoing media attention around the drop in use of physical cash, bank channels, ATMs and branches. While this may be true in some part, the reality is many Australians across the community still rely on cash and physical banking services. And many depend on regular access to cash. Precinct is here to ensure their money is made easily available, when they need it and wherever they may live.

Our services

ATM access network

Precinct’s ATM network continues to roll out across the community. And in the coming months, it will become the premier network for banks to provide fee-free cash to their customers.

We’re here for the community

Our focus is always on people, delivering multi-bank solutions built around convenience, ease of use, reliability and security. As much as possible, we aim to keep cash free to access.

We’re here for the banks

We designed Precinct as a channel for banks to engage with their customers. And everything we do is oriented around helping banks to deliver better services to their customers. We never get in the way of this customer relationship.

Expanding services

Our ATM network is just the beginning. Watch this space, Precinct is about to expand in all sorts of exciting and innovative ways.

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